Say Psych: Video Premiere: Quiet Commotion – Paint Cracks

Swedish, Malmö-based, Daniel Katz is 15 years old and has been releasing music from his bedroom under the alias Quiet Commotion since 2021. He recently signed with the Berlin-based record label Anomic Records and is now releasing his first single from his coming full-length album. The single is called ‘Paint Cracks’ and BSM is pleased to bring you the video premiere.

With rainy, lo-fi production and a melodic approach to song writing, but also some experimental attributes, this coming-of-age song stands out in an oversaturated market of indie rock. “Paint Cracks is a song about feeling out of control in a whirlwind of emotions and actions you can’t control, but just as importantly it is about trying to figure out how to deal with this.” Daniel says.

The charming and creative lo-fi productions embellishes the bittersweet melodies. With the addition of a drum kit and an overseas mixing engineer, Quiet Commotion’s upcoming record is bound to be his most ambitious and confident record yet, filled with warm organs, catchy melodies, intimate lyrics, and intriguing production.

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