American heavy metal band Lamb Of God are set to release their 8th studio album – ‘Lamb Of God’ via Nuclear Blast and Epic Records. It has been 5 years since there last album of new material with 2015’s – ‘VII: Sturm und Drang’. The self titled album will also be the first to feature new drummer Art Cruz after the departure of Chris Adler.

It may seem strange for a band this far a long in their career to bring out a self titled album, but it won’t take the listener long to realise why. In fact if you have been keeping tabs on what they have released already – Memento Mori and Checkmate you may have already clicked. This doesn’t sound like a band of metal veterans. There’s a lot of energy and anger and Randy’s growl has never sounding so good.

Thunderous, loud and loaded with infectious beats this is an album well crafted. Sure the singles work well by themselves but its the album as a whole that truly impresses. The gothic opening track Memento Mori may start slow with a bass that just draws you in. The spell is broken with a growl and the chaos begins.

With Checkmate the talented guitar duo of Mark Morton and Willie Adler really step up and make this track a personal favourite. Adding a little more intricate playing along with the Lamb Of God signature riff grinding these two have made their own.

Tracks like Gears and Reality bath are solid metal that these guys have dripping from their pores. These blend into New Colossal Hate and Resurrection Man with the later acting as a short breather before Poison Dream picks up where Pantera left off. Chugging riffs and suberb drumming from Cruz slipping into the drumming role perfectly. The growl is joined by Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta has him and Blythe trade vocals in the songs middle 8. Along with Jastas appearance the album also features Testament’s, Chuck Billy whos cleaner vocals balance well with Blythe’s roar and takes the track to a high and makes ‘Routes’ a stand out track on the album.

The album isn’t all a shout and scream attack. ‘Blood Shot Eyes’ has Blythe also singing cleaner in between the growling. Something I love to hear as it only brings out the anger when he does turn on that roar.

Dare i say they left the best till last. The Hook is full on metal with Cruz playing out of his skin and Blythe sounding like a true metal God this is the Lamb Of God we need.

Like I mentioned this doesn’t sound like a veteran band of the metal scene who have already giving so much. Yes its an album you’d expect from Lamb Of God. Theres nothing new to set the metal world alight but thats not the point. Lamb Of God are masters of what they do. The 5 year break has done them good and you hear a band full of eagerness for metals throne.

Check out single Checkmate below

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Lamb Of God track listing:

  1. Memento Mori
  2. Checkmate 
  3. Gears
  4. Reality Bath
  5. New Colossal Hate
  6. Resurrection Man
  7. Poison Dream (feat. Jamey Jasta)
  8. Routes (feat. Chuck Billy) 
  9. Bloodshot Eyes
  10. On The Hook

The problem comes when you finish the album and have to get back to reality.

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