Premiere: Eldridge Rodriguez look inward on new single ‘The Strange Things That Happen to People’

Last month, Boston band Eldridge Rodriguez returned with news of a new album and a lead single from said new album, both of which reaffirm why Slightest of Treason was one of 2020’s most slept-on indie rock records. It didn’t catch fire for Obvious Reasons, but the follow-up deserves to, and the band’s latest offering is an example of why.

‘The Strange Things That Happen to People’ is a deceptively simple five-minute song that champions empathy and self-reflection. The pessimists among you may view its lyrical outlook as tongue-in-cheek, as acknowledged by guitarist Clayton Keiber, but that’s not quite what the band were going for: “It’s probably my favorite track on the album, and was the simplest for me to play a part in. At face value, it’s a pretty straight positive shift in perspective that I think everybody can relate to, especially coming into the age of reflection, where it’s a lot simpler to find the motivation whether it is guilt or regret from the younger, more selfish years. I’ve said these things to myself for whatever reasons. The pessimist in me hears it as tongue in cheek or as a matter of epiphany that lasts for only long enough to make the declaration of change. It really depends on the day.” 

However you look at it, ‘The Strange Things That Happen to People’ is undeniably a song that deals with big feelings, with a little introspection on the side. We’ve got your first listen below; Atrophy follows on Friday September 15th via Midriff Records.

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  1. July 27, 2023

    A voice kind of like smooth whiskey, a little rough, a little smooth, and all wonderful. Thank you

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