Track: It’s ‘not the same’ for KHAOS EMRLD as his second single takes off with a bang ahead of launch dates.

KHAOS EMRLD burst into the stratosphere earlier this year with the debut single ‘getting better’ (lower case intended) and he is back with the power and ferocity dialed up quite a few notches. KHAOS EMRLD is a solo project helmed by the highly talented Cody Stebbings, whom we’ve met before in the band Down For Tomorrow – and he has created a whole new dynamic persona with this new material, and in the process put on display his production skills.

‘not the same’ (again, lower case intended) blasts off like a rocket-fueled projectile – there should be a 3km exclusionary zone around it for health and safety reasons. KHAOS EMRLD has developed an unique brand of heavy metal pop that has a mild case of ADHD and a whole dosage of creativity.

As always, the track’s themes reflects a deeply personal viewpoint – Stebbings is always unashamed to delve into his own experiences to paint his sonic portraits, usually with a dollop of positivity:

’not the same’ is a middle finger to burnout and feeling like you should be appeasing to other people’s idea of who you are. I’ve had far too many experiences in life where I’ve exhausted myself of options and outlets due to never giving myself enough credit, or rest, or self-love. With that comes the dangerous outcome of making things harder for yourself because you never took time to slow down, you stop enjoying life, and suddenly it gets harder to break the cycle. There are so many messages I hope to convey with future KHAOS songs – this one is a reminder to do what’s right for you.

The track is accompanied by a video showing KHAOS EMRLD on his headphones – introspective and absorbed in the sonic universe he has created, being tracked and observed and with the usual bucket loads of enthusiasm and passion:

‘not the same’ is out today and available to download and stream here.

KAHOS EMRLD will be launching the single at a couple of gigs in Sydney – details below:

Friday, 8 September | Crowbar, Eora/Sydney NSW

Click for tickets

Saturday. 9 September | Oxford Art Gallery Bar, Eora/Sydney NSW

Click for tickets

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