DVD Review: Videoman

Whilst the last decade has witnessed the resurgence of vinyl, the same cannot be said for VHS videotapes. Indeed, quite the opposite in fact. As music connoisseurs have opted for a more organic and rugged sound, cinephiles have moved in the opposite direction; towards High Definition, Blu-ray and a perfect picture. However, there’s still a niche for a hardcore group of collectors and fans who still swear by the format. This includes the protagonist of Kristian A. Söderström’s new film, Videoman.

Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, Ennio Medina (Stefan Sauk) ran the best independent video store in Sweden. Nowadays, he just collects VHS and drinks far too much for his own good. Facing eviction, he has a spot of good luck when he’s offered a rare video, Zombie. He agrees to sell it to the shady and mysterious ‘Faceless’ for an obscene amount of money. At the same time, he starts a relationship with the alcoholic Simone (Lena Nilsson), who is obsessed with the ‘80s. When the tape goes missing, he desperately tries to recover the treasure.

Videoman is one of the most original films you’ll see this year. Whilst it’s shrouded in mystery, Söderström has made an offbeat romantic drama which embraces its oddities and more outré foibles. There are elements of something much darker bubbling under the surface but it’s the relationship between the odd couple which drives Videoman. A film about connections in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Videoman is released on DVD and Digital HD by Frightfest Presents on 18 February.

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