Live Review: Palaye Royale – 3Olympia, Dublin 10.03.2022

With a burst of energy that never let up for the night Palaye Royale exploded on to the stage at Dublin’s 3Olympia open their set with Nightmares / You’ll Be Fine / Hang on to Yourself, the only members of the band to stay in their positions were the keyboard player and Emerson and this was to be the setting for the whole of their set. Which unfortunately was relatively short with coming in just over an hour, but this didn’t disappoint as all the favourites were played and a surprise at the end of the night was more than enough to make up for this (more to come on that)
Next up were F******* With My Head / Don’t Feel Quite Right / Death Dance were up next and Remington all the time keeping security on their toes as he would leave the stage a number of times to stand on the barrier (Something he continued to do through out the night) Their wasn’t much chat between songs but Dublin we love you was heard to be shouted a number of times.
Also on the set list tonight were No Love In LA / Dying in a Hot Tub / Get Higher.
At one point one of the few thing Remington was heard to say was an introduction to his mother who was sitting up in one of the boxes in this lovely old style theatre and him saying how much he loved her while blowing her kisses and also saying how she is great and not minding that her son chooses to wear skirts.
The crowd erupt when we here the opening cords to Teenagers (My Chemical Romance) were near the end of this Remington disappears only to reappear up in one of the boxes were he proceeds to climb out of one and across the other to get to the stack of speaks by the side of the stage, he jumps across on to these and then down on to the stage.
Its Mr Doctor Man to finish out with and the crowd shot for more, so out come the band and start into Lonely. Which on other nights has been followed by Ma Chérie but not tonight and the band leave the stage with Emerson kicking his drum kit to pieces.
As Sebastian has said in the past , Palaye Royale are entertainment at full volume.

Remember that surprise I mentioned earlier, well during the set Remington briefly mentioned that they would be doing some acoustic thing outside after the show. This was missed by many. So at the end of the night a small crowd gathered at the stage door and waited for about 20 minutes after which the three brothers appeared to do as they said a few acoustic songs which I think included the earlier omitted Ma Chérie (It was a little noisy outside) . It started to rain so I think this cut things short and the band finished up by signing autograph’s.

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