Track/Video : New age travelling band TENGGER preview new album with the lush electro melodics of ‘PANAPTU’.

Seoul based, Pan Asian new-age troubadours TENGGER gloriously float around the edges of the music world, beyond the usual concepts, processes and mechanics. Musical couple Itta and Marqido first performed as the duo ‘10’ but with the birth of their son RAAI in 2012 they became TENGGER. Meaning ‘unlimited expanse of sky’ in Mongolian the name change referred to more than the expansion of the family it recognised that their music making would exist as a trio. So, over the last ten years, RAAI’s contributions have evolved to include voice, synth and toy instruments plus on-stage dance.

Alongside Itta’s Indian harmonium and pure toned voice as well as Marqido’s enveloping electronics the TENGGER sound seeks the ethereal and calm, the ambient and slow in what they identify as their own ‘psychedelic new-age drone magic’. Sounds neo-hippy, well TENGGER are genuine alternative thinkers. Self-sufficient and contained, like Gong or The Incredible String Band, they lead a semi-nomadic life, travelling the world to experience the natural first hand.

Their releases seem to appear by osmosis, twelve (or maybe seven) to date on a hotchpotch of labels and formats, but now with the announcement of a new self -titled album out on 29th September via We Are Busy Bodies comes hints of momentary settlement. ‘TENGGER’, the album, finds the band exploring their Mongolian roots, our origins, the cosmos and connections through a hyper-melodic, delicate web of lush synth songs.

Preview release ‘PANAPTU’ signposts the listening ahead as it unrolls frictionless and smooth. From soft padding synths and folky warmth to an expansive space fizzing with locomotion beats and vocal operatics, it’s a tune that travels. Named after a shamanic mirror from the Manchurian heights, the song reflects and illuminates something mystical and mighty. Yes, TENGGER music takes things deeper.

Pre-order your copy of ‘TENGGER’ by TENGGER from your local record store or direct from We Are Busy Bodies HERE
TENGERR have also just announced two Australian dates at:

The Curtin @thecurtin – Melbourne

Volume Festival, Art Gallery of NSW @artgallerynsw – Sydney

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