Track: Oscar The Wild are ‘Unafraid’ – a melodic and cathartic thunderstorm of a track. Launch date announced as well.

Feature Photograph: Mayah Salter

Kaurna/Adelaide indie quartet Oscar The Wild today have released their thunderous track ‘Unafraid’, an utterly anthemic blast of melodic punk pop filled with swagger and attitude.

Singer Ruby says of the track:

The lyrics in the first verse of ‘Unafraid’ is a mantra I use to calm my existential anxiety. I figured if I put a melody to it, I am far more likely to remember it.

Eventually it turned into a song, with the final part sounding completely different to the majority, which reflects the truth; I am actually really afraid. But sometimes you have to trick yourself into thinking you’re fine, and then if that doesn’t work, seek support and let them see you cry.

Like a herd of rampant wild elephants looking for an exit, the track shakes the earth’s foundations with its heady rush and harmonies, a rush, a push and an incessant ebb and flow of solid guitars and carefree, exuberant singing:

‘Unafraid’ is out now and available to download and stream through all the usual sites and through the link above.

Oscar the Wild will be launching the single on Friday, 28 July at the Crown and Anchor in Kaurna/Adelaide. Tickets here.

Feature Photograph: Mayah Salter

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