EP: Obas Nenor – I Love You

Israeli born DJ and Producer releases his debut under his own name for the revitalised Strictly Rhythm label is out on Monday 20th April. Titled ‘I Love You’, its effortless soul and downright grooviness belies the fact that Nenor has spent over twenty years honing his craft. Describing it as ‘a farewell song’, inspired by his own personal heartbreak, it began organically, with Nenor just taking his sampler into his living room with a bunch of records and looked for something.

The original version opens with these sun baked almost break – beats, that quickly relax and morph into this funky house vibe, led by the synth melodies and the deep soul vocal that Nenor liberally sprays over the track. Its the sort of track that causes surges onto dancefloors, and rightly so.

There’s two remixes that accompany the track, the first from Andres, who turns up the sick with this skittish percussion and heady jazz funk in the accompaniment along with these almost static strings, as he prizes away some of the vocal, cutting it up and sticking it back in it its new form, over the top. Luke Solomon’s Body Edit is tangier, with this kick bass pulsating through and these synths stabbing at first, then taking over with their own melodic lines, as the guitars add some funk swagger, and there are just snatches of saxophone.

If this isn’t the sound of the summer, then I don’t know what is.


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