Track: Scruffy Bear – Blackmoss

Scruffy Bear are set to release their upcoming EP ‘Face The Rain’ on the 22nd April. In anticipation the band have shared their new single ‘Blackmoss’.

Lead singer Georgy Eaton singer:

“The world is a proper heavy place. I hate that everything is spun so negativelyand we are trained to look for the worst in people and situations. Blackmoss istrying to work through the mud of confusion that everything is in and notgetting too bogged down with it, but also learning to be open to other people’sexperiences” 

Sticking true to their unique brand of fuzzed-up bluesy rock. Eaten bellows over the raging riff and thundering bass. The raging torrent is restrained on the chilled out middle 8 before we are treated to a face-melting solo as the track comes to a close. This is a band you need to catch live.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the bands Website or Facebook

Preorder the EP here

1. Stories of Strange Women
2. Magic at our Fingertips
3. Blackmoss
4. Solace

See Scruffy Bear Live:
27th April – Gullivers, Manchester
30th April – The Hat Factory, Luton
7th May – Pealie’s Barn
14th May – Bannermans, Edinburgh 
21st May – Call of the Wild Festival, Lincoln
22nd May – Butterfly Effect, Pealie’s Barn

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