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Florentine band We Melt Chocolate are an indelible part of Italy’s explosive indie music scene along with bands like Unruly Girls, Rev Rev Rev and the many magnificent psych bands covered recently on Backseat Mafia’s series on Italian psych music. We Melt Chocolate have just released an engrossing video for the song ‘Blue Hair Girl’ which is off their forthcoming self-titled album due out on June 28th on Annibale Records.

We Melt Chocolate incorporate all the weapons of choice for shoegaze dream pop bands – the wall of viscous guitars, pounding rhythms and floating vocals awash in reverb and subtle fuzz. Add to this an ability to craft fine melodies and songwriting panache, you have something special and unique. ‘Blue Hair Girl’ is a delight – the drifting vocals over the discordant slashes of guitar and underlying buzzcut drone add to the hypnotic effect, with the vocals drifting at times between a Bjork-like passion and a MBV softness.

Of the song’s themes, singer Vanessa Billi says:

The search for the blue hair girl, the search for the impossible that yet you can touch if you look beyond your mind. Blue hair girl stands for what slides between earth and sky. The song, born during rehearsals as usual from the mix of our lives, had a few versions of the lead vocals melody, then the final one came while I was in Japan. 

The video is fittingly hazy and dreamy to fit the themes and sounds of the song:

You can pre-order the album and get access to the singles that have been released so far through the link below:

We Melt Chocolate are:

Vanessa: lunar voice and synth
Lorenz: psycho guitar
Baro: melt guitar
Marco Crowley: heavy bass
Posel: light drum

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