News: Halflives Unveil Killer New Track Dynamite!

Halflives, now a solo project by Linda Battilani, are back with a fiery new track called Dynamite.

The track has ethereal vocals crossed with the classic pop/rock/synth vibe that we are used to from Halflives. This is the first tease of new music we’ve seen from Halflives since Battilani went solo, speaking about her new unaccompanied journey with the musical project, Battilani stated:

The next chapter of Halflives is getting close, and I wanted to tell you that it will be only me. I want to thank Oscar and Fede for their dedication to what Halflives has been so far. Their support means a lot and I’m glad they followed me through this crazy journey. They’ll keep playing and touring with me but you may see other musicians joining me on stage in the future, so I didn’t want anybody to be confused. But going forward Halflives is just me and you – the fans. Now buckle up and get ready for what’s next.”

The music video for Dynamite dropped last week and shows the journey through a relationship, the ups and downs and all emotions in between, you can watch the video on YouTube below:

If Dynamite is anything to go on, fans can expect huge sounding tracks to come from the Italian pop rock musical mastermind!

Halflives are currently on tour with Against The Current in the UK and Europe, with most dates sold out, you’d better be quick if you want to grab tickets!

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