See: Breakbot reveals new video for Be Mine Tonight

The single might have come out last month, and the instrumental already featured in a new Chanel ad campaign – featuring Chanel brand ambassador and superproducer Pharrell, American actress Margaret Qualley, Belgian pop singer Angèle, French actress Isabelle Adjani and French singer/songwriter Sébastien Tellier, but now Breakbot has revealed a new animated video for Be Mine Tonight.

The idea for the video came out of an experience on Breakbot’s Japanese tour dates, where he became engrossed in the kitschy arcade scene that is prelevant in Toyota. He himself says “Animation is one of my lifetime passions, and also one of my early jobs. It was quite natural for Be Mine Tonight to use that inspiring art form, as I did on my first music video Baby I’m Yours.”

The track marks Breakbot out, as if we didn’t already know, as a purveyor of high quality electro-funk, as it pops and bounces away, and it had us completely in its thrall from the opening riff and vocal harmonies, never mind as it ebbed and flowed through, all disco strings and popping bassline. If you find something more catchy around, then either you’re a) wrong, or b) a damn lucky person.

And the video………. well, check it out here

Breakbot also recently released a brand new mix – Breakbot’s Lockdown Boogie Mix – a 60 min mix full of feel-good disco tracks, very necessary at a time like this.

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