Say Psych: Playlist 14/2016

I am the first to admit that my ‘Psych Insight’ reviews concentrate on the more fuzzy guitar end of things, but this week’s playlist is looking at music that is more electronically inspired. OK it’s not Dylan’s Judas moment or anything like that, but it is my nod to the fact that there is more to ‘psych’ than I often acknowledge. Enjoy, there’s some brilliant stuff here!


Crux by Necro Deathmort

Great new album from the London duo delivering some really heavy tunes, as well as this more chilled offering. New album out now on Rocket Recordings, and check out the Necro Deathmort bancdcamp here.




Xed Eyes by Holy Fuck

Toronto band Holy Fuck released its new album Congrats earlier this year, in many ways harking back to the band’s earlier work. For more information about the album check out the band’s Tumblr page here.


Phototones by Cavern of Anti-Matter

One of the most significant releases this year has been the triple lp from Stereolab’s Tim Gane,  drummer Joe Dilworth, and  synth player Holger Zapf, recording as Cavern of Anti-Matter. It’s well worth checking the band out here.


Die Mensch Maschine by Kraftwerk

No introduction necessary!


Ya by Factory Floor

Great new track from Factory Floor, from forthcoming LP ’25 25′ out on DFA records 19/08/16. Album can be pre-ordered digitally here.


White Walls by The KVB

From this year’s amazing ‘Of Desire’ album, check it out at the band’s webpage, here.


In Silico by Pop. 1280

“Musically this Pop. 1280 album had taken the band farther away from what we might imagine as punk, but as far as the band’s ethos is concerned it remains slap band in the middle of the genre. This is a hard edged album full of the sort of well defined synth sounds that would not be out of place on early albums from the likes Cabaret Voltaire, DAF and Nitzer Ebb.”

Check out the full review of the latest Pop. 1280 album, ‘Pyramids on Mars’, on Sacred Bones here


Asian Carp by Bitchin Bajas

Beautifully tranquil track from the Bitchin Bajas, a band with such a rich back catalogue that it’s almost impossible to just pick one track as everything they release is first rate, click here for more information.


First Friend by Nawksh

Up coming release from Japan’s Guruguru Brain label features Pakistani multi-instrumentalist Nawksh. The album, ‘Mythic Tales of Tomorrow II, is released mid-August. More details on the label’s Bandcamp.


Modular Living by Eat Lights Become Lights

Brilliant track from the band’s third album of the same name. For more information, including new tracks, check out the Eat Lights Become Light blog here.


Uncommon by Black Tempest

For fans of Dead Sea Apes, Stephen Bradbury’s Black Tempest project needs no introduction following the amazing collaborative album ‘The Sun Behind The Sun‘. ‘Uncommon’ is such a beautiful track but just the tip of the iceberg of the Black Tempet oeuvre. More information, and music, on the website.


Werk and Play by XAM

XAM is a modular synth project of Hookworms’ bassist MB. Evoking a sense of space and air through it’s minimalism it is a long way from the sound and fury of Hookworms’ releases. Well worth heading over to the XAM bandcamp for more.


Dead Format by Blanck Mass

Blanck Mass is a solo project of Fuck Buttons’ Benjamin John Power. From second album, ‘Dumb Flesh’, ‘Dead Format’ is a massive and complex track that is as danceable as it is thought-provoking. As the title suggests, the album is about the weakness of the body; what better way of exploring that than through corporeal expression. More about Blanck Mass at its bandcamp page.


Der Mussolini by DAF

Brilliant and still fresh classic from the Duesseldorf duo Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft from their 1981 album ‘Alles Ist Gut’ (Everything is good).


Animal Manservant by Teeth of the Sea

“‘Animal Manservant’ is equally intense coming out of the traps like a huge snarling beast with a heavy beat and inflamed shrieking. Out of this evolves a melodic siren cry that proves an amazing and effective counterpoint. Gradually they pull together and we are left with a militaristic milieu which feels edgy and foreboding. This is a track that burns everything before it, including quite a few musical rule books….astonishing.”

You can find the rest of the review of Teeth of the Sea’s ‘Highly Deadly Black Tarantula’ here.


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