Live Review: Mgła / Coscradh – Opium, Dublin 14.05.2022

Black Metal took over Dublin’s Opium with Polish black metal band Mgła and Irish guys Coscradh. Mgła were on a three date Irish trip being taking care of by DME Promotions.

Opening the proceedings were Dublin band Coscradh (old Irish for massacre/triumph in slaughter) their songs of death, violence, historical events warmed up the over four hundred crowd nicely. Playing a forty minute set which comprised of six songs and playing their forthcoming album in full, with sample intros / guitar feedback intros and some instrument intros using the likes of flute / death whistle and noise organ.
You might be wondering how they managed a forty minute set with only six songs, but remember the vast majority of black metal songs can be long affairs, some of Coscradh’s coming in at over seven minutes long. For the whole set the stage was drenched in red which for once added to the affair and gave a hellish look to the stage and the skulls strapped to their mic stands and the guys themselves with their faces painted.
Set List
Nahanagan Stadial
Plagues of Knowth
Fest of the Epiphany
Cladh Halainn
Feallaire Dóite

The main act a four piece from Kraków Mgła pronounced mgwa and translating to Fog took the stage in their usually all black and what essentially are morph masks blackening out their faces with hoodies up, everything is black even the guitars, its black metal after all.
All taken their positions which they don’t stray very far from all night. The band don’t engage at all with the crowd but this only adds to their show. Its strange how it all works, wearing all black, not moving from the positions, faces blacked out, basically think mannequins for the most part and not speaking to the crowd you might think this isn’t going to work and could be boring, but believe me it works! the lack of everything makes it oddly effective and very impressive to watch.
The minimal lighting also adds to it, only using blue and strobe’s it creates an air of doom.
Playing an hour and fifteen with a set list consisting of ten songs.
Set List
Age of Excuse II
Exercises in Futility I
Exercises in Futility IV
Mdłości II
Age of Excuse V
With Hearts Towards None I
Age of Excuse IV
Exercises in Futility II
Exercises in Futility V
Age of Excuse VI

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