Live Review: Duda Beat – Opium, Dublin 18,04,2022

They say its always good to try something new and different, with that in mind I noticed that Brazilian Pop/MPB singer Duda Beat (Eduarda Bittencourt Simões) was playing a venue I had not yet ever photographed in! so I said I would kill two birds with one stone.
I wasn’t sure what to expect crowd wise, wondering is there enough Brazilians in Dublin? are the Irish interested? something the bands management had also been thinking.
There was nothing to worry about, I got to the venue just before 7.30pm as doors were about to open, on turning the corner to the venue doors I was greeted with a very long Q stretching from the door back down the road.
In the venue and people start pouring in and the venue is packed out mainly a young Brazilian crowd and while waiting for the show to start they are singing/cheering/chanting.
Nine o clock arrives and the stage smoke starts! out walk the band to a roof lifting cheer and when Duda appears that cheer got louder.
The first song starts up and wow the crowd are singing every word back along with Duda this is the same for basically every song for the night. The Brazilians know how to party as that’s what tonight is like with again singing/ dancing/cheering all night long.

Throughout the night Duda and her two backing singers were high energy! never stay easy for one minute. Duda at times taking phones from crowd members and filming herself with her back to the crowd some once she gives the person back the phone they have a close up of Duda singing with themselves and the crowd in shot.
Now don’t expect me to be-able to tell yous what was said in-between songs as my Brazilian is a little rusty LOL but there were a few mini pauses and talking every few songs, well as I mentioned a little back it was high energy so the ladies did need to take a breath here and there.
I did manage to get a set list.
Tu E Eu
Parece Pouco
Pro Mundo Ouvir
Nem Um Pouquinho
50 Meninas
Decisão De Te Amar
Bolo De Rolo
Bedi Beat
Não Passa Vontade
Todo Carinho
Meu Coração
Back to Bad
Mais Ninguém
Meu Pisêro
Dar Uma Deitchada
Raspa Placa
Meu Jeito De Amar
Vem Quente
Bixinho/Bixinho (Remix)
Tocar Vovê

So remember folks always try something new and that music transcends all borders.

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