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Leeds metal/hardcore outfit Shots Fired have recently unleashed the video for their latest brutal offering, ‘The Architect’. When we say brutal, we mean as the dictionary definition – “direct and without attempting to disguise unpleasantness.” Shots Fired are definitely direct, be it live or on record, these lads are up in your face demanding your attention. And when you consider the lyrics, The Architect is far from attempting to disguise the unpleasantness, more raising it to the surface and making you aware.

Wake up people! Turn it up loud and enjoy The Architect.

Warning-it’s not for wimps.


“This world is an infestation, an over population of filthy rats!”

The video was filmed and edited by JWA Creations.

“The Architect” – recorded and produced by Danny Stone – is available as a ‘name your price’ download.

Shots Fired will be ripping it up live with Wraiths and Drifted for a short weekend tour next month.


Shots Fired are: Ryan Kennedy – Vocals, Jordan Hodson – Guitar, Danny Stone – Guitar, Chris Vinter – Drums, Jake Jones – Bass

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