Track: 2Squared/Mark Gardener (Ride) – Chained

Ride‘s Mark Gardener has collaborated with 2Squared (Stephan Haeri of France’s Télépopmusik) in the depths of isolation in his new purpose-built OX4 Sound studio to produce a very nice slice of chilled, reflective electronica – ‘Chained’.

The lyrics reflect a very difficult time for Gardener following the break up of Ride. Gardener explains:

I wrote ‘Chained’, reflecting about my old home in Oxford, which had become a non-stop nightclub during a time post Ride breakup, when I was living alone. All got a bit out of control for a while and I had some great parties and friends, but one in particular would always show up late at my house when I was working in my attic studio.  He was a bit of a walking chemistry set, so would always show up with substances. I was not in the best head-space at that time and was trying to get away from substances, which was not so easy when it kept on coming through my front door.

We’d always end up having big and good nights drinking, getting high and listening to records until dawn for a period; hence the line ‘Chained till dawn to find a new way’ lyric. I knew this was slowly dragging me down so, in the end, I packed up my car with a friend and we drove to the Medieaval Wilds of France in search of a new life. I ended up living in France for four years, experiencing a much needed break from that life. It was just what the doctor ordered! France and nature basically refuelled me and put back everything I felt I had lost after Ride and then a few lost party years in Oxford after that.

The single certainly evocatively captures a very personal recount of Gardener’s challenges to losing such a precious thing in his life and the self-destructive response. The music behind the lyrics is suitably reflective and haunting with a throbbing bass providing a spine to the splashes of sound. You can get the song through the link below:

Of course, the good news is that Ride reformed and are better than ever – see my review of last year’s concert.

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