Track: Fingerless – Truth

The thing about Fingerless is that whatever direction this genre-busting band from Brisbane decide to take, they kick it out of the field.

We have had, as I have pointed out in the review of their last single ‘Sympathetic Love’, styles as diverse as psychedelia, indie rock with Gregorian chants and krautrock in their previous singles, all brilliantly executed with panache and an irreverent sense of humour (albeit delivered with utmost seriousness).

Now, Fingerless have pointed their noses at what I would call Bond Rock: a song that would brilliantly fit into the dramatic opening sequence of any James Bond movie. In this particular palette, Fingerless have painted a vast cinematic soundscape with dramatic sweeps and sonorous vocals. Of course on a more normal viewpoint, this could be seen as slightly bluesy, straight rock track, but that is too reductive. Fingerless have imbued ‘Truth’ with their own inimitable style. It’s a torch light ballad with flame throwers.

In complete contrast to the previous single, a computer-infused home recorded track, ‘Truth’ was recorded in a studio in real time: it’s raw and visceral, studied and elegant.

Singer/guitarist Marc Cheeseman says of the process:

We wanted this recording to sound like our live performances, not an overproduced, technically-accurate studio recording. So we recorded the backing track live with no click track, and then just overdubbed the vocals and a few finishing touches.

The result is nothing short of excellent:

While this band is surely a publicist’s nightmare with its shape shifting and elusive style that is impossible to categorise, the listener is the winner. Fingerless have yet again provided irrefutable evidence that they are a huge creative force.

The single is out today through the magnificent 4000 Records – you can support the band directly by getting it though the link above or through the usual download/streaming sites here.

Feature Photograph: Craig Topher

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