News: Melbourne’s shimmering Grazer unveil the floaty dreamy track ‘These Days (Pass Me By)’ with Lynchian flavours and an indelible melancholic sparkle, and announce album and launch dates.

Featuring a vibrantly snaking melodic bass line that would fit in Peter Hook’s repertoire and crystal sharp jangling guitars, the new single from Naarn/Melbourne duo Grazer (couple Mollie and Matt Grazer) is a gorgeous dreamy track that is aquatic and hypnotic. The distant almost dissociated layered vocals are like billowing clouds in the sky: transfixing and the opening dialogue has a Lynchian quality – all the more poignant given the passing of Lynch’s favourite chanteuse Julee Cruise earlier this week.

The duo say of the track:

​​Born from a single reversed snare sample, this song was a really interesting opportunity to explore a digital percussion section. In the vocals, we really liked pairing my vocal fry with Mollie’s loftier backing. The music video was heavily inspired by the cult TV show Twin Peaks and in particular, scenes in the black lodge. In the show, the black lodge was a place where time seemed to warp and stand still, so our repeated refrain “these days pass me by” recalls this unending dream state.

The video is appropriately a rich and vividly coloured performance piece that would fit perfectly in a Lynchian universe with its hyper reality and intangible distorted vibe:

This is languid, beautiful and evocative music from a duo whose output is the epitome of dream pop class.

You can download and stream the single here. The duo will launch the single on Friday, June 24th at The Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy. Tickets are available here.

Grazer have also announced their new album – the delightfully entitled ‘Melancholics Anonymous’ – due for release on 12 August via Cascine.

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