Track: Sydney’s Royel Otis appoint themselves the ‘Sofa King’ in a splendid, yearning blast of sonic pleasure ahead of EP news.

With a refrain that sings out you’re so fucking gorgeous with an impish, exultant delight, the new single ‘Sofa King’ from Sydney duo Royel Otis is utterly enchanting. The rambling refrain and the floating melodies mark out something that is euphoric and joyous with a raffish demanour and a thread of melancholy desire.

The lyrics have about them a childish innocence tempered by sobre realisation of being out of someone’s league, coupled with a defiant resolve and ultimate acceptance:

I can barely lift my eyes
The Holy Ghost should hold your hand for me
Curve my flaws to fit the jeans
But as it stands I need some more to drink

So if you ever need to find
Someone to get along with every time
Don’t take another chance with me
I’m not the man I’m supposed to be
But your so fucking gorgeous

The last line is just filled with a nuanced mix of utter devotion and acceptance of someone who is unattainable. There is a thread of self deprecation and a glint of humour in the layered vocals while the music and instrumentation lightly skips beneath the surface with a gentle refrain. This is a brilliant track deeply infused with the blistering pain of unrequited love and critical self-appraisal.

The band says of the song:

 A baggy beat, jangly guitars and a soaring synth to bring home what you really want to say. You are couch royalty in a messed up world. Own it with pride!

The accompanying video directed by Ady Neshoda captures the duo captured en plein air with the windswept sand dunes and the urgent almost plaintive performance evoking the bleakness in the lyrics:

‘Sofa King’ is available to download and stream here and is the title track for Royil Otis’ newly announced EP due out on 31 March on Ourness and House Anxiety (in the UK) which can be pre-saved here.

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