News: Melbourne industrial goth duo Velatine release new album ‘I Won’t Be Civilised’ and unveils thundering ominous title track

Feature Photograph: Zo Damage

Purveyors of a gothic pop industrial sound infused by an ominous darkness, Melbourne outfit Velatine have just released the album ‘I Won’t Be Civilised’ accompanied by the vivid and dynamic title track.

The track has a funereal, elegiac quality propelled by thundering drums and an insistent drone that stabs underneath the surface. Singer Maggie Alley’s vocals are ethereal and haunting above the sonic maelstrom created by Loki Lockwood. The single comes with an official clip made by Mark Bakaitis (Spiderbait, Amyl and the Sniffers) which captures Alley’s striking presence:

The album is out now through Spooky Records and can be downloaded through the link below. You can be assured of the same level of dynamism across this album, from the threatening thrum of opening track ‘No God’ that nods at The Mission with its soaring vocals through to the final track ‘The Age of Contempt’ with its ethereal dirge-like approach.

Feature Photograph: Zo Damage

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