Premiere: Find Ghost Love and stream the new album from the Montreal trio early

With the amount of music released every week, it’s a guarantee that a bunch of records are going to fly under the radar, but the new one from Ghost Love definitely shouldn’t. The Montreal trio have been quiet for a little bit, recently resurfacing to share the lead single (title track ‘Mourners Disco) and its follow-up ‘Iconic’.

Before then, their hear you at night EP bridged the gap between their debut release, 2017’s One Lands EP. They like to take their time with things, but the road to Mourners Disco was paved with grief. Vocalist David Rancourt explains: “Mourners Disco was a pandemic album we wrote and produced via distance between 2020 and 2022. My mother passed away in 2019 and for me it was really the only thing I could do to deal with that grief and the isolation because of the pandemic that hit me like two trains coming from different directions.

“The album is a meditation on grief and despair that seeks to transcend these emotions through music and dancing away the pain. It was also a way for me to honour and remember my mother’s life in a way that felt tangible and concrete. We really enjoyed mixing club oriented dark pop songs meant to be celebrated communally with more textural and experimental sonics. The attempt was to bring the listener to a place where it could be appreciated both in a very introverted and extroverted way. I have no idea if we succeeded but that was the intention anyways.”

The shadow of loss hangs over the album but doesn’t define it, and this set of club oriented dark pop songs serves as a place for the listener to wallow and process as they see fit. Out tomorrow, you can stream the entire thing first with us. Fans of Depeche Mode, The xx and Slowdive should be all over it.

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