Track: Tim Presley – Long Bow

Tim Presley is one of the premiere singer/songwriters working today. In his many musical incarnations such as White Fence, Drinks, Hair, and Darker My Love he’s proven to be one of this generation’s invaluable purveyors of deconstructed, fractured pop. Presley is now readying the release of The WiNK, which comes out September 16th on Drag City.

The album is produced by past collaborator and fellow songwriter Cate Le Bon, and “Long Bow” shows her influence with it’s punchy bass, stereo-panned instruments, and even in Presley’s vocal delivery. It’s a fun, angular rock and roll song. According to the press release:

You (should have already) heard it on the drop of “Clue ” – working with the creative team of producer Cate Le Bon, drummer Stella Mozgawa and engineer Samur Khouja, Tim‘s fingered the elusive corners of a perfect square. Their collective creativity and truth craft passages that function independently and as songs within songs, giving the tunes double jointed features that extend their original intentions. On “Long Bow,” a steadfast barrel house riff is augmented by a barrage of phrases, stages, and shards of angular guitar prostration. The tension is unbreakable, a thin plastic slip, as Tim intones words implying and impugning indecision, desire and release (etc) upon a maze of high wild mercury stings. A true song for the here and now, “Long Bow” shakes and wails with certain urgency, held together by Tim’s inviolable, classicist belief in the progression underneath.

Check out the track below. Pick up the album via Drag City Records on September 16th.


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