Track: Cloning – All Rise

‘All Rise’ is the very exciting and extremely fresh sound from Western Australia’s Cloning.

Ostensibly classic indie rock with a touch of shoegaze, there is a whiff of trip hop percussive stuttering among the chiming guitars and synths. A crisp and layered production with a pounding, pulse-quickening chorus and the expressive, emotive vocals of singer/guitarist Felix Parker all make up a very aurally satisfying sound, accompanied by a creative and intriguing video.

Parker says of the song:

All Rise is about how groups of people can think their intentions are purer than they actually are, and end up committing morally questionable acts in the name of their chosen cause. It’s also about what gets left in the wake of pursuing a goal and how noble intentions can be corrupted by the pursuit of this goal. The imagery in the lyrics is influenced by Nordic mythology and stories about the Yggdrasil which is a mythical ash tree at the centre of the cosmos. I read way too much as a kid and a lot of that just seems to naturally flow into my lyrics.”

The video is self-made by the band – a clay-motion masterpiece reflecting the themes of the song but adding to the impression that there is a truck-load of creativity in this new band. This single is out now through the usual on-line sites.

Cloning is Felix Parker (lead vocals and guitar), Bevan Green (guitar and vocals), Nic Rollo (bass and vocals), Jack Brett (drums) and you can catch them launching the single on 13 March at the Indian Ocean Hotel in Scarborough, Western Australia – tickets available here.

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