Live: Peter Perrett – Trades Club, Hebden Bridge 28.01.2015

Peter Perrett is living proof that there is absolutely no rhyme and reason to who becomes successful in the music biz.

He was the frontman of the Only Ones who produced three brilliant albums, but all bombed despite massive critical acclaim, and an all-time stone classic single – Another Girl, Another Planet. Why that song was never Number One is still a mystery.

The band imploded in 1981 and Peter has since battled substance abuse, but now he’s back and surprisingly full of energy for man of 62. The trademark South London nasal drawl is present and correct as he bangs out all his hits.

There were gems from each of the classic albums including the wonderfully world weary Why Don’t You Kill Yourself, and a great take on Lovers of Outage.

Perrett is also back writing and the new songs are pretty much in the style of his earlier work – which is no bad thing – and Too Good For This World is a particularly good powerpop song if a little jaded in sentiment.


It’s a family affair as he has recruited his lads – former Babyshambles man Peter Junior on bass and Jamie on guitar – to back him, and they are way more than dutiful sons. As Peter senior notes: ‘they might be my sons, but if they had been my brothers I wouldn’t have retired in 1981.’

Finally, it was time for his unquestioned classic as he cranked out the opening riff to Another Girl, Another Planet before the band kicked in with Jamie nailing the familiar guitar break. The mature crowd mouthed the words transporting them to another world – probably 1980 judging by the grey hairs.

The set closed with a muscular version of The Beast which is almost as good as the (non) hit, and most bands would kill just for that one song. It does make you wonder which beast Perrett is thinking of?

The Only Ones in their heyday were a strange mix of pub rock and post punk who committed the cardinal sin of that time – they could actually play. Tonight, the penny dropped why Peter Perrett didn’t get the success that was his due – he was just too damn clever.
Set list
Oh, Lucinda (Love Becomes a Habit)
From Here to Eternity
Lovers of Outrage
The Big Sleep
Why Don’t You Kill Yourself
As My Wife Says
Flaming Torch
No Solution
Too Good For This World
Someone Who Cares
Man of Extremes
Another Girl, Another Planet
The Beast
The Whole of the Law


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