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Part of growing up is the inevitable invites to dinner parties. I try, as much as I can to avoid them. The strained conversation, usually about a mutually convenient, middle of the road topic, such as the weather, the fact footballers get paid too much, the school your children go to…. Although sometimes you’re lucky, usually, for me anyway, they are a nightmare.

Danish pop sensation Fallulah has also had a nightmare dinner party, judging by the video to her new song Out of It. If you’re not aware of Copenhagen’s Falullah a.k.a. Maria Aperti, she burst on the scene with her debut single I lay my head, immediately attracting the attention of press and fans in her own country, subsequently topping the charts with her debut album, The Black Cat Neighbourhood.

Although she makes records with this indie sheen and pop outlook, it maybe the spirit of her father, who died when she was just nine, that remains the biggest influence on her music and her writing. Take ‘Out of it’. Underneath her beautifully persuasive voice and the layers of synth, backing vocals, lies this insistent rhythmic clapping, and moments when I could have heard a Balalaika, a nod to her father, an established Romanian dancer and choreographer maybe? That feeling certainly permeates the track, this off-kilter swirling piece of pop mastery.

The video is a dark tale, or at least darkly fantastical tale, of a dinner party for Fallulah along with a load of monsters. I don’t know whether they stuck to topics such as the weather, footballers wages and the state on monster education, but I doubt it. If this is what dinner parties are like for her, I’m definitely inviting Fallulah around soon.

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