Film Review: After the Murder of Albert Lima

Paul Lima

The death of a parent is almost always devastating. Whether they’re taken suddenly after a long and fulfilling life or following a long illness, the grief and trauma can be impossible to cope with. Their absence a constant shadow. It can take months and even years for children to be able to move on with their lives, and even then memories are only an aroma or song away. However, when a mother or father is taken as a result of criminal activity, it’s a whole different ballgame.

Albert Lima was an American businessman and lawyer who travelled a lot to Honduras. That was until he was murdered. Unusually for a country with such a high murder rate and low sentencing ratio, his killer was actually convicted; but remained a free man. After years and years of getting the run-around from the legal system, his son Paul decides to take matters into his own hands. Hiring bounty hunters to ensure justice is done. This story is told in After the Murder of Albert Lima.

After the Murder of Albert Lima is no ordinary documentary. Director Aengus James follows Paul’s quest to ensure Oral Coleman receives the punishment he deserves. Given the corruption within the Central American republic and the danger the drug cartels pose it’s something of a journey into the heart of darkness. The two specialists hired to bring his man in don’t inspire the greatest confidence and the entire undertaking feels rather reckless. After the Murder of Albert Lima is a truly singular experience, stuck somewhere between laughter and tears.

After the Murder of Albert Lima premieres on Crackle in the US from 18 March.

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