See: The Coral channel Detroit with New York on a sunny Wirral seaside with their sparkling new single ‘Lover Undiscovered’

Anticipation is building for The Coral‘s upcoming magnum opus, a magnificent double album entitled ‘Coral Island’ due out on Friday, 30 April 2021. ‘Coral Island’ creates a fantasy world built out of childhood memories and moves seamlessly between seasons reflecting the ebb and flow of a seaside community. The appetite is whetted even more with the release of a video for the track ‘Lover Undiscovered’.

The track comes in the first half of the album – which stylistically represents the heady swing of a crowded seaside summer – and just shines with a jaunty jangle. According to singer, James Skelly,

To me, ‘Lover Undiscovered’ is about when you notice or feel something you take for granted, as simple as the sea or a bird flying, and it’s like discovering that feeling all over again. We wanted the recording to sound like The Velvet Underground playing a Motown song in Rhyl Sun Centre.

An apt description of the reaction you get listening to the track: this is an indie pop gem that sparkles and shines with a melodic strength that makes you appreciate The Coral all over again, all shiny and new.

The accompanying video incorporates the themes of the fictionalised and highly stylised ‘Coral Island’ – the centrepiece of the musical journey – populated with sculptures, charity shop finds and cottonwool clouds in the bustling summer carnival atmosphere:

‘Coral Island’ is available to preorder in a variety of formats here through Run On Records in association with Modern Sky UK.

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