Premiere: There’s nothing dull about Fleeting Persuasion’s thunderous noise-drenched track ‘Faded’ as new album and launch dates are announced.

We are very honoured to premiere the new single ‘Faded’ from Sydney shoegaze noiseniks Fleeting Persuasion, a track which rumbles and prowls like a caged, enraged predator while the sweet vocals bubble underneath the maelstrom.

The slightly discordant guitars and fuzzy thumping bass create a visceral blast of noise that eviscerates the soul, while the distant melodies haunt the background and create a salve that tempers the heat and the light, providing an ethereal filagree to the onslaught.

It’s extremely exhilarating pulse quickening stuff, as if someone threw My Bloody Valentine in a blender and added a dash of Cocteau Twins and The Cure before blitzing for 24 hours and then detonating for good measure:

The single is out today and available through the link above and through all the usual download and streaming sites. It heralds both a new album entitled ‘Will They Come Back’ due for release on 28 February as well as some live gigs.

Fleeting Persuasion is driven by James Harrison (guitar/vocals) who wrote and recorded with producer Josh Whitehead during the pandemic years and later with ex-Sounds Like Sunset drummer Tobey Doctor (drums/bass). Harrison says:

There’s a collection of songs I’ve been working on with Tobey. He’s got quite the producer’s brain and so the drums, bass lines and production have been his vision. I haven’t needed much convincing as we both love similar sounds and textures! There’s lots of colour and textures on the album as a wholeThat’s what we love. It’s real swimming in your ears, head between the speaker stacks, stuff.  You know, blurry guitars, melodic lines and all that.

Fleeting Persuasion will be taking their battering ram sounds to the stage – details below.

Friday February 23rd – supporting The Smyths (UK) @ Max Watts, Melbourne 
Friday March 1st @ Moshpit, Sydney (Album Launch) Tickets
Saturday March 16th (arvo) @ Last Chance Bar, Melbourne (Album Launch) Tickets

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