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U.S. blackened thrash trio WRAITH are proud to announce today’s release of Absolute Power, the band’s full-length debut. Those interested in the sonic equivalent of a throat-punch should visit the link below.


The wounds left by the 2018 full-length debut – Heed The Warning – still fresh, WRAITH is back with another deadly assault. The new album is faster, heavier, meaner and a lot more pissed off than their previous releases. Absolute Power has a perfect blend of speed metal and thrash metal with a punk attitude. The album is nine originals and a Misfits cover that results in 28 minutes of no bullshit speed and thrash.

Stream Heed the Warning and the band’s 2017 self-titled EP at the following link:

“Nine songs and a Misfits cover in under thirty minutes, hell yeah. This blackened thrash trio rips through killer riffs and songs about Satan (in the horror movie sense, not the religious sense). This kind of metal lives in hot, sweaty clubs filled with black-shirted drunks. Even on record, though, Wraith bring the heat.” MetalSucks

“At times the band bring to mind blackened thrash kingpins Midnight while at other points I could swear I was hearing Power Trip. It’s good as hell, folks. Get out your bullet belt and click play.”Toilet ov Hell

“Like the spectral entity that Northern Indiana trio shares its namesake with, Wraith has come back meaner than ever.”Indy Metal Vault

“Damn, an infectious nature such as this doesn’t happen too often. Instantly yanks one from the “I wonder what this album offers” state to “Holy balls, I need room to move!” For those who need a description, think speed metal with a dash of thrash sans frilly bits, which rarely let’s up!” (94/100) Cult Metal Flix

“Absolute Power is full of pissed off speed and aggression. This band takes speed metal to a while new level.”The Metal Channel

“With the fierce hooks and fiery solos of Kreator and Motorhead, but also the vile, blackened vocals of Mantar, Absolute Power is a real ripper of an album. Like the band’s namesake, they tear through the graveyard, raising denim and leather clad 80’s minions in their wake. What more needs to be said? Battle vest up, and burn some witches.” (8.3/10) Metal Trenches

“Absolute Power is the perfect name for this album in every fucking way. Wraith brings forth a vicious and all-consuming brand of blackened thrash that is instantly intoxicating.” Head-Banger Reviews

“For the many of you, like myself who are fans of Hellripper, Bastardizer, Midnight, Bewitcher etc, this release is an essential and WRAITH should be joining the ranks of these bands.” (8.5/10) Nattskog

“For the punk goers, there’s still plenty of that lingering within, and anyone into black/speed/thrash/punk is encouraged to seek this out!” Antichrist Magazine

“Absolute Power is–besides a successful sophomore release–a killer slab of bombastic, aggressive, and otherwise heartfelt heavy metal. It’s a certified headbanger, and remains one of the most fun releases I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing this year. Highly recommended!” Sleeping Village Reviews

“…the band has cleverly crafted together elements of punk, touches of speed metal, blasts of Motörhead, dashes of Venom and Bulldozer, sprigs of Teutonic precision, doses of black metal etc.”

Metal Forces Magazine “Wraith has begun to awaken the interest of followers to the darkest variant of thrash metal, that, without leaving aside the weight and speed of the style, gives it a more acidic, dark component. Reminds you almost instantly to bands [like] Dozer, Motörhead, Venom…” (8.5/10) Mundo Rock & Heavy Webzine

Wraith are a very great sounding mixture of black, thrash, speed metal and punk. You should check out this band.” Blackened Death Metal Zine

Track Listing

  1. Devil’s Hour
  2. Acid Mass
  3. Meaningless Planet
  4. The Curse
  5. War of Aggression
  6. At the Stake
  7. The Hunt
  8. Eyes of the Sacred Ram
  9. Absolute Power
  10. Death Comes Ripping (The Misfits cover)

WRAITH is a three-piece blackened speed/thrash metal band that hails from Northwest Indiana. Matt Sokol, the founding member, on guitars and vocals. Mike Szymendera on drums and Chris Petkus on bass. The band has been compared to Toxic Holocaust, Midnight, early Venom and Bulldozer. WRAITH unleashed their first EP in 2017 and follow-up a year later with the debut full-length album Heed The Warning. The debut quickly began spreading around the underground metal scene and gaining traction. The debut was described as “No bullshit thrash metal” & “nightmarish.”

Absolute Power was written and recorded by WRAITH, and mixed and mastered by CJ Rayson. Guitar solos on “Meaningless Planet,” “The Curse” and “War of Aggression” performed by Jason Schultz.

Matt Sokol – Vocals and GuitarsChris Petkus – BassMike Szymendera – Drums

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