Track: Rattle – Stringer Bell, plus album news

If you haven’t heard Nottingham duo Rattle, aka Fists drummer Theresa Wrigley and Kogumaza sticks woman Katherine Eira Brown, then prepare to be confounded. The pair are making interesting and unlikely music based around (you guessed it) drumming and percussive noises, and their debut eponymous album comes out on August 5th via Upset the Rythm/I own you.

From it the band are streaming Stringer Bell, which has this almost eerie feeling, driven by their double drum set and which almost forces you to focus on the hypnotic pulse of the kit and splashes of cymbal. The pair sing straight up pop melodies over it, but its intersperses with perucssive shakes rattles and, well, rolls I suppose. Check it out, here

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