Track: Lili Caseley Shares Fresh & Feverishly Infectious New Single ‘Al Pacino’

Up and coming pop artist Lili Caseley returns with the infectious new single ‘Al Pacino’.

Offering up a warming sound pallet processed acoustic guitars, with unchains beats and swelling synths, Lili’s silky, smokey lead vocals take centre stage as she offers a takedown of an over confident ex with witty, cutting lines. Charming and funny, the tracks pop culture referencing lyrical content, bouncing backing and obsessively catchy vocal line give ‘Al Pacino’ a real commercial appeal, the track is deserving of the widespread acclaim it’s received and could easily be heard on Radio 1’s playlist.

On writing the track, Caseley explains:“There is a music video ready soon where we are using a projector and referencing all the famous music video references: Scarface, Tarantino, James Bond, Pablo Escobar, Michelangelo…We want the story to be the viewpoint of the femme fatale. Her lens of the tale. So Elvira’s side of the story from Scarface. By using the projector we are able to travel to many different places…”

Listen & watch below:

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