Track: The Ano Nobo Quartet preview ‘The Strings of Sao Domingos’ album – guitar driven rhythms and sumptuous songs from Cabo Verde’s soul.

From the very noble Ostinato Records comes news of more discoveries as part of their enlightening exploration into the music of Cabo Verde. You may already have been knocked out by the label’s ground breaking trio of retrospective releases from the West African islands but now they are reaching out further to feature contemporary sounds with The Ano Nobo Quartet album ‘The Strings Of Sao Domingos’ (available from February 25th).

Lead by the charismatic Pascoal, who’s back story as a troubadour and soldier could fill a book let alone sleeve notes, the Ano Nobo Quartet create vibrant, shimmering acoustic music with a nod to their traditions. Stirring up their homegrown Coladeira flavours with samba, flamenco, reggae and acoustic blues this is a band with a deep connection to their roots but the imagination to push on.

Listen to preview track ‘Sociedad di Mocindadi’ and you’ll more than get the drift from the moment those nimble ringing guitar chops set the pace and the yearning vocals swoon over the shoulder rolling rhythms. It’s a spontaneous, dynamic and very real sound.

Recorded in remote non-studio set-ups around Santiago Island, ‘The Strings of Sao Domingos’ album promises more of these unspoiled encounters, music so alive that it takes you face-to-face with the people playing it. So plan to join The Ano Nobo Quartet in the room and get your pre-order in now. The word in global beat circles is that this one is destined to fly.

Pre-order ‘The Strings of Sao Domingos’ from Ostinato Records here:

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