Track: Emir Taha – Uzak Dur

Brixton based Turkish artist Emir Taha had shared his new single ‘Uzak Dur’, out now on Polydor Records. The song’s title translates to ‘stay away’, and in Taha’s words is about “feeling fully consumed by your surroundings”.

Taha explains:

“not having a single drop of energy to find out what exactly is making you feel bad so you can start acting on it because you already feel so drained. You blame people, you blame yourself, blame your past decisions and start getting really sour and sceptical about everything and everyone around you. You become so vulnerable that all you want is to alienate yourself from everything. Uzak Dur means “stay away” in Turkish. The line “I benim bardağım uzak dur means “that’s my cup, stay away.””

2022 has seen Emir Taha continue to make strides towards becoming a household name in global music. His mission is to bring the sounds of his homeland bang up to date with alt R&B and leftfield electronica.
“There are loads of barriers for Turkish artists to make it globally – language, culture,” he says. “I want to take it as far as it can go”

Taha’s soft vocals are in contrast to the snap of the drum which gives this track its hypnotic, ear grabbing vibe. The eastern inspired riff played out on a guitar adds to the meditative feel. The whole package has a late night chilled flavour and proof of Taha’s musical abilities.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Taha’s Facebook

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