News: Italy electro-fuzz anarchists Unruly Girls are now Dead Miranda, but the sonic brilliance remain the same.

We here at Backseat Mafia have been following closely following the career of Luca Zotti in his various guises, from Sweet Jane and Claire back in 2014 (see our review of their album ‘Sticky Caramel Mind’ here) to the recent Unruly Girls (see our review of 2020’s ‘Epidemic’ here). Throughout this time, there has been a golden thread of refined anarchy and a frisson of danger – an electro punk blast and indulgence that thrills and excites with its creativity and sense of bacchanalian excess.

Zotti has recently announced that Unruly Girls is no more, and like a phoenix from the ashes, cloaked in leather, Dead Miranda has arisen. The same personnel, the same battering ram of music but a change in name.

Dead Miranda remain Luigi Limongelli (programming, drums, percussions & noises) and Zotti (performing as Humbert Alison) (vocals, guitars & keyboards), with Zotti often performing solo. Limongelli’s clear mastery of electronics is perfectly matched by Zotti’s indie guitar background and rock star demeanour. 

Zotti says:

We enjoyed our former name but now we feel that something’s changing in our personal life. The name Dead Miranda is inspired by the schoolgirl who died mysteriously on St Valentine’s Day in Australia -the main character in ‘Picnic At Hanging Rock’.

An antipodean connection that reflects the band’s literary range with Zotti’s intense and considered intellect.

The band will be releasing its first single under the new moniker on 28 November 2022 with an album entitled ‘Anima Pod’ due out in January. Gird your loins and batten down the hatches – this will be something to look forward to. In the meantime, here’s a delicious taste from the past:

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