Track: Bayonet – Call Me When it’s Over

Call Me When it's Over

The boys from Bayonet are back with another immensely satisfying slice of indie pop, sounding beautifully retro and yet fresh all at once. “Call Me When it’s Over” begins with a gripping drumbeat and ice cream van -catchy melody which all echo the 80s stylings of the song and video.

I’ve often complimented Bayonet on their aesthetic and in this video they’ve never looked or sounded better, with Vince on lead vocals crooning like his heart is bleeding with ever lyric and Lewis, Danny and Sam bringing to life what could be Bayonet’s coolest single yet. More uptempo than “Heart Attack” and more heartfelt and distinct than “Weekend”, the Sheffield band also manage to lay down a track which was pleasant enough to tap your feet along to in their live set, but becomes blisteringly crisp and memorable in this newly recorded version.

The video is all moody angled light beams, forming split screens and triangular kaleidoscopes fitting the retro vibe with its dry ice and mirror tunnels. The band earnestly channel the lyrics whilst obviously having a lot of fun with old fashioned rotary dial telephones and ABBA-style positioning.

If you’re looking for a new band to get obsessed with, then Bayonet could well be it. They look good and they sound great, expertly channeling every band you’ve probably already loved into something new and exciting.

Check out Bayonet live if you can (see review here!). . Look for details on their tour page for more details. Also visit their Facebook, Twitter and website.

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