Say Psych: Live Review: Psych All Dayer, London, 17.09.2022

London’s Other Side Promotions are one of the newcomers to the psych promoting game and they have already made quite a stir. Today’s all dayer came about from the ashes of cancelled gigs at the end of last year, and even with line up changes since it was announced, they have put together something really special.

A delayed coach means the first band I make it for are Mirna Ray, a London based quartet who offer so much live its hard to focus and take it all in. With driving motorik beats, space laden synths, extra percussion and tied all together with hypnotic guitar riffs they fall somewhere between space and krautrock. Everyone who likes from Can or Hawkwind should check these guys out, they’re quite something.

Next its Frankie Teardrop Dead, who really need no introduction. Mainstays on the psych scene they have been around the block a few times and always sound incredible. With rumours that this will be their last London gig for quite some time, fans pack in and lap them up. ‘Joy In Division’ and ‘Hardmachine’ are highlights and they deliver with the usual excellence. They’re the mellowest band on the bill and ease the band into a false sense of security for the madness to come.

Frankie Teardrop Dead

Black Doldrums are local darlings and the now three piece are always well received, with today being no exception. The play tracks that span their back catalogue and with a promise of a new album in the making, it only makes them the more enticing.

Milan’s The Gluts have come a long way for this one of gig and as always they are received with gusto. Their raw energy is infectious and even though they are much heavier than the rest of the bands on the bill, their placement halfway through serves as a kick to the crowd. Tracks such as ‘FYBBD’ and ‘E is the Real Punk Rocker’ are delivered with the usual dose of organised chaotic energy and knowing they never disappoint; tonight is on point even for them.

The Gluts

Glasgow’s Helicon are yet another major name on the bill and with their tweaked line up and added madness, they are a draw for many. They offer up favourites such as ‘Seraph’ and ‘Tae the Moon’ which is the heaviest it’s ever been, as well as newer entities such as ‘Devil On Your Tongue’. The eagle eared will notice many a new track in the set, all of which sound fantastic and set interests piqued for the new album. Add some sitar, a goat mask and your general dose of mayhem and you have an intense, mesmerising set from the psych generals.

Hailing from Stockholm, The Janitors headline this bill of headliners. A drummer down due to illness, they made the trip for a short tour with Helicon, which terminates tonight. They recruit Helicon’s drummer for some tracks and despite all that, they still deliver a set which is mesmeric and demon summoning. They play infamous songs from their back catalogue including ‘Here They Come’ and ‘Evil Doings of an Evil Kind’ and the powerful 12 minute ‘A-Bow’. They’re the kind of band you could watch all day and their set is over, meaning the day is over, all too soon.

Other Side Promotions spared no punches with this line up and they were rewarded with a sold-out gig. As the enthused fans depart, the question on everyone’s lips is will there be another one? I have it on good authority there will, and I’m already planning the journey.

The Janitors
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