Live Review: The Black Crowes / Reef – 3Arena, Dublin 21,09,2022

The Black Crowes $hake Your Money Maker in its entirety plus all the hits tour opened its European/UK leg at Dublin’s 3Arena with special guests Reef as support.

The Reef diehards are in early and there’s a good number of them in to enjoy the 45 minute set that the band delivered including songs like “Revelation” with Gary Stringer raspy blues voice and of-course the hit Place Your Hands, to everyone’s delight, even with Gary asking sing with me Dublin after which he let out a shout of YES MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, then picked up his phone to get a few quick snaps of the crowds reaction to the song ending.
They band also played a cover of the Fleetwood Mac hit The Chain.
Their set consisted of 11 songs in total?

The Large black curtain that was hanging during Reefs set is gone and it revealed a stage setting with a bar and a wooden shack amongst other things and sitting near the centre of stage is a lit-up jukebox.
Its 9pm and shadows move at the back of stage, the band taking up positions sitting at the bar as one of the backing singers walks out to the jukebox put on a tune and it starts playing shake your money make, shake your money maker, shake your money maker, that band down their drink and take up their stage positions and we were off with the opening track from the album and Chris arriving on stage with an umbrella printed with the famous Black Crowes logo.
After the second song Chris talked and welcomed us all to The Black Crowes, Shake Your Money Maker extravaganza and then back to the music.
Speaking before Could I’ve Been So Blind, Chris informed us they are going to try some visual magic and create a magical sunrise in Dublin on a Wednesday night to accompany the song, that they did with bathing the stage in some beautiful orange lighting.
Hard To Handle got an introduction by way of thanks and praise to Otis Redding and for the duration of the song I don’t think the mic stand touched the stage floor as Chris strutted and swaggered his way around the stage as he does.
Chris shouted I TOLD YOU IT’S A ROCK AND ROLL SHOW,SO LETS ROCK and its Thick N’ Thin with its honky-tonk piano and guitar playing.
The tempo came down with the acoustic opening for She Talks to Angels and then we were taking on a little strutting trip, then on to the last of the album tracks after which Chris was heard saying so that’s the album done and he took of the gold and black pinstripe jacket he was wearing and looked like a man that meant even more business than he had already delivered.
Starting off the hits part of the night was No Speak No Slave and Sting Me where the latter got an introduction of ” In The Immortal Words of Slim Harpo” (I can only think in reference to Slims own song Sting it Then)
The band got a full introduction before Thorn In My Pride after this we were asked are we alright because here comes the Remedy! that brought to an end the main set and it was only a 3 minute wait before the band came back out for the one song encore of Rocks Off (Rolling Stones)

Wow the band have not lost a thing since the album debuted in February of 1990 and Chris sure as hell has not lost any of the strut and swagger he is so famous for live.
Set List
Twice As Hard
Jealous Again
Could I’ve Been So Blind
Seeing Things
Hard To Handle (Otis Redding)
Thick n’ Thin
She Talks To Angels
Strutting’ Blues
Stare It Cold
No Speak No Slave
Sting Me
Wiser Times
Thorn In My Pride
Rocks Off (Rolling Stones

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