Premiere: David Poe Shares Title Track From New Album ‘Everyone’s Got A Camera’

An artist with a rich history of success now back to once again stamp his authority on the singer-songwriter scene, David Poe returns with his excellent new single ‘Everyone’s Got A Camera’ taken from the new album of the same name and we’re lucky enough to be running the premiere!

‘Everyone’s Got A Camera’ is a prime example of Poe’s celebrated song-writing style – biting commentary on the fast paced nature of modern life delivered over a warming, alt-folk soundscape. Built around delicate finger picked guitars adorned with dappled electric guitar lines, crunchy drums and grounding bass, the track captures an air of Sufjan Stevens with it’s intriguing beauty and atmospheric production, complimented by Poe’s understated lead vocal and deceptively catchy melody.

Just one track of the brilliant tracks on the new album, Everyone’s Got A Camera is full of dark and light, moving flawlessly from 60s-tinged rock & roll tracks, to flashes of electronic instrumentation and back to the contemporary folk Poe is best known for.

Talking about the album Poe explains: “These songs are like wild animals hearing a drone overhead – A culture that declares art to be disposable will get disposable art.

This album offers critique without condemnation. Any lament about what has passed recognizes that it has, in fact, passed. The rest encourages a sort of revolutionary stamina, we should not entrust our shared cultural heritage to executive robots.

There’s a difference between art and entertainment. It’s not to say that one is greater than the other, that art can’t be entertaining or entertainment can’t be arty. But there is a difference. The best pop lives where art and entertainment intersect.”  

Having toured the world with the likes of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Tori Amos, and many more, David Poe is already established as one of the top singer-songwriters of our time. Now back with new material and a whole host of upcoming tour dates, he will surely once again gain the widespread acclaim he deserves.

Listen to the new single ‘Everyones Got A Camera’ below:

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