Track: Leddie MC – Answer Me

North East rapper Leddie MC has just shared her latest track – ‘Answer Me’

Leddie MC has been making some big waves around her local area hip hop scene for a few years now. But recently she has stared to take matters in her own hands and with a heap of music to release; there is an EP due in September and a single each month from July onwards.

Leddie commented on ‘Answer Me’, “Basically, I have beef with God and decide that he gets so much credit and glory for all the good he supposedly does, but no one really mentions the bad, and it annoys me, so I took the opportunity to speak on them.”

The music a 70s soul vibe for Leddie to let loose touching on the her Nanas with terminal cancer, Rap being full of Testosterone and riddled with ego and Conservative Bastards. Personal lyrics and social commentary delivered with crystal clear vocals has won her many fans and ‘Answer Me’ will only surely strengthen her position as one of the hardest working female icons of the rap scene. This is the year to let a bit of Leddie into your life.

Check it out, here

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