News: Chloe Gallardo announces debut album

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Debut album ‘Defamator’ released 26th May 2023

Raised by musicians in Los Angeles, surrounded by their work in recording studios and at open mics from an early age, there has never been a moment in the memory of Chloe Gallardo where there wasn’t the ambition to perform. “I would always get this feeling in my chest watching an artist I really like” she explains of her formative years.

Now, with the launch of her debut album “Defamator” Gallardo has achieved by far her boldest, and most mature collection of work to date. Emblematic of a genre-mish-mash of dark shoegaze-inspired indie the ten-track set journeys the listener through a tightly-strung sequence of cautionary tales. Detailing her bruising experiences of relationship trauma and abusive partners, Defamator eases the listener across these disturbing subjects via the tranquil transcendence of its song.
1. Bloodline
2. God Is Dead
3. There Will Be Blood
4. Defamator
5. [Untitled]
6. New Jersey
7. To See You Go
8. The Way
9. Last Dance
10. New Jersey (Reprise)

This is typified on new cut ‘Last Dance’ where she delves into abusive past relationships, yet manages to recall the pristine-pop of Bachelor and Snailmail.

“Last Dance is about giving absolutely everything you have to the wrong person. A textbook one-sided relationship. I feel like once you get caught in the cycle of one-sided relationships it’s hard to get out because it becomes all you know. So even if that person is horrible to you, you still wish them the best…”

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