Premiere: Serena Foster – Game Over

“Game Over” is the first song I wrote with Cory Barker, and I am so excited the world is finally getting to hear it” says Los Angeles singer-songwriter of her new single ‘Game Over’, which we’re extremely pleased to be premiering here on Backseat Mafia today. She goes on to say, “It’s rare when you meet someone in the music industry, and you both click right away in the first session. We pretty much wrote the entire song within the first hour of ever meeting one another. This is my first song in over a year of releasing new music, so I really wanted to put something out that was a lot of fun, and hope it can lift spirits given these crazy times being quarantined around the world.”

Built over this gentle guitar riff, with sprinkled minimal beats and electro-sounds underneath, Game Over is this slightly melancholy electro-pop record, with Serena’s sweet vocal delivery pulling you along with it, as the melody wraps itself around your feels, and pulls tight.

Check it out, here

The newest single by Singer-Songwriter Serena Foster takes a playful spin on relationships coming to an end. With quirky vocals and an anthem-infused electronic-pop production, “Game Over” compares the ending of a relationship to completing a video game’s final level. It’s bittersweet and sometimes you just don’t really see it coming – even when you win the game.

Coming from her recent placement of “Oh Oh Oh” on the Netflix show, LuciferSerena Foster was born into an musical family where she started singing at the age of five and writing songs at the age of nine. Originally writing and performing within the Americana-Songwriter genre, Serena decided to reinvent herself and her music, diving into an inward soul-search for her voice and identity. This led to the combination of her musical background alongside her passion and love for EDM, thus creating a uniquely gorgeous blend of Pop, Electro-Pop, and Singer-Songwriter that has brought Serena to a viral sensation with fans and critics alike.

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