Live Review: Jawbox / Enola Gay – Whelan’s, Dublin 07,06,2022

Washington’s post-hardcore band Jawbox made it to Dublin for their debut gig, hasn’t taken that long for them to get here only a few decades.
Support on the night came from Noise Rock outfit from Belfast, Enola Gay.

The lights were low as I expected for the openers, as their bass player took position in front of me I asked quickly, are you guys playing in the near dark ? as it has not been usual for these guys to do so in the past. His reply was I hope not for you nodding at the cameras.
Unfortunately there was no set list and the guys belted out a wall of there noise rock shoe gaze hip hop sound that brought us back to the mid nineties (well me anyway) with glimpse of Blaggers ITA and at times I could have swore I heard some Pop Will Eat Its Self in there, now this is not say that the guys don’t have their own sound, they do and expect it to be loud and fast, they played through a half hour set at one point lead singer saying we are Enola Gay and if yous want to see a full hour long set come catch us live again.

Headliners Jawbox came bouncing out on to the stage and it was clear as day that they were happy to be here, with Kim sporting a huge smile that didn’t leave her face all night.
Just before starting into the first song James said, it hasn’t been three years for use trying to get here, but more like decades to do it and that was it the band were straight into it and there wasn’t much else said throughout the night just a brief mention that James might have left his vocal cords in Barcelona and they must have just flew away lol.
At one point asking what is this thing called Silent Disco what a bizarre concept and he had only heard about such things this week.
Only other speaking came at the two songs left point where James thank us all for coming out and saying only a couple of songs left. With very little speaking it meant that the band could get through a pretty lengthy set list as they just ran into song after song. No encore was listed on the set list, but they did come out and play two more song the were unlisted, one of which I cant put a name to.
Set List
Desert Sea
Nickel Nickel Millionaire
Chinese Fork Tie
Consolation Prize
Under Glass
Jackpot Plus!
Cut Off
Cornflake Girl (Tori Amos)

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