TRACK: Magic Bronson are back and ‘Surfin’

LA’s scuzzed-up alt.pop duo Magic Bronson are back and “Surfin on your brainwaves” with the second single to be released ahead of their forthcoming LP.

It’s a slice of West Coast psych goodness, coming at you in a wall of delay and bells and tremulous guitar, all MGMT’s leather-jacketed little bro.

“It’s our time, it’s certain,” heralds Michael Nicastro: “I’ve been surfing on your brain waves”. The guitars, the aaah-aaahs, the wonkily-processed guitar; the triumphant refrain, synthy arpeggiated squeaks; you sense with tunes this good and technicolor and dirty, he just might be onto something. 

“Surfin” follows previous single “Tell All Your Friends” in marking this year as one to watch for Michael and partner-in-trippy sounds Matt Lieberman, who first met in a Los Angeles bar back in 2012. Let’s hope the album is as filthily enriching as “Surfin” suggests.

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