SEE: Siv Jakobsen – ‘A Feeling Felt Or A Feeling Made’: folk as delicate as a bee’s wing

NORWEGIAN folk auteur Siv Jakobsen is possessed of this tremendous, fragile voice which also has astonishing power.

Today she has released a video for the beautiful, lamenting delicacy of “A Feeling Felt Or A Feeling Made”, in which she explores the way we react emotionally; are we true with our feelings, or do we sometimes react as expected, learned?

We see Siv wading into the water, the depths (of feeling), guitars gently echoing like bells. It could explode, you sense, seize you in a bold gesture; but she keeps it reined in to this chorus of understated beauty, strings bowed and pizzicato warming the tone. And just how seductive is that?

There’s a little of early Beth Orton in the melody, I think, but not the voice, obviously; a little of Nancy Elizabeth. And an awful lot of the depths of Siv.

“A Feeling Felt Or A Feeling Made” serves as notice for Siv’s very, very, fine, South Devon-recorded album A Temporary Soothing, which will be released on August 21st.

We’ll be publishing our review for it on August 17th, and summed it up thus: “Siv has to make this music, to dialogue with herself and the world, to fashion and make other of the feeling of it all, and achieve catharsis. She’s living this, and she turns her living into a work of complete leftfield folk beauty. Oh: we’re living this too. In a year as screwed as any we’ll care to remember, her guidance and her succour are a blessing.”

To place an order for Siv Jakobsen’s A Temporary Soothing – and if folk delicacy is your thing, you really shouldvisit

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