Track: Alissia – New Single – Take Off

Geneva born bass player Alissia and her band The Funketeers (stay with me here) have had over 2 million YouTube views (yes, the Funketeers, but let me carry on) and have also been a support act on Talib Kweli’s latest tour (see, doesn’t seem too bad a name with that endorsement eh!).

‘Take off’ is Taken from upcoming ‘Back To The Funkture’ EP (ok, so the naming of the band and EP may be tongue in cheek) that’s out the end of January. What is it like? well let me tell you, THE FUNK AIN’T DEAD MUTHA……er….FUNKER

Disappointed with a lot of new funk these days, I listened with bated breath after hitting play only to be pulled  in instantly, this is how the funk was, and how it should be… done well. Classically trained musician Alissia Benveniste has  some how channelled the best of classic funk and turned out a gem of a track, think Parliment, think Bar-Kays, think Prince (at their best)

Personally I can’t wait for the EP to drop at the end of January

but in the meantime,  get down to this…..





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