Legendary trip-hop pioneers Kruder & Dorfmeister have announced their new album, the long awaited 1995, is out on October 30th via G-Stone Recordings, and from it they’ve released new visuals for the track ‘Johnson’.

Smokey, jarring beats and electronic hue is the order of the day with Johnson as it floats along, pushing and prodding at the dancefloor, with seductive beats and cut up vocals provided by blues maverick Robert Johnson – hence the title. As it’s trip continues, so the beats become looser and it turns to this intimate, hazy chords to end. Beautiful and immersive stuff.

Of the accompanying video, directors Oscar Pecher and Stefan Pecher say “When we heard the track for the first time, pictures immediately came into our minds. The cinematic, atmospherically dense sound, supported by emotional vocal samples, reduced breakbeats and deep basslines gave us a lot of visual input. Someplace that has stood still in time, the dark corridors, the mysterious musical mood that fits the current time, combined with a young, sensitive leading actress whose sluggish movements increasingly develop towards dance as the track progresses.”

Check it out, here