Premiere: Camp Bedford mark the end of Pride month with a call for solidarity in ‘Our America’

Back in March, Brooklyn trio Camp Bedford released their fantastic debut EP So Often & So Sweet, a short but impactful collection that put them on the map as a folk-pop band to watch. We didn’t expect to be hearing from them again so soon – they’re releasing a new single to mark the end of Pride month, examining the current state of America from a defiantly queer perspective.

The trio’s newest offering is presented delicately but filled with intense subject matter; a rallying cry for solidarity in the face of bigotry and hatred. It’s a beautiful song called ‘Our America’, described by the band as ‘a national anthem for a country in peril’. They go on to explain: “It’s easy to find ourselves in a cycle of existential dread amidst near-constant news of gun violence, attacks on queer rights, police brutality, and climate crises fueled by corporate greed. [This song] is a call to the listener to stand together against the hatred and fear that our nation is built upon. It’s a plea to maintain hope in community and each other, to remember that we keep each other safe. Most of all, [it] imagines our ability to build a nation that truly uplifts and protects all of its inhabitants.”

Calling for reflection ahead of Independence Day next week, ‘Our America’ is out tomorrow and we’re streaming it up front.

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