Ahead of the release of their new album, Life Drawing, out on July 10th via the ever brilliant Bella Union, one of our favourite Sheffield bands Mr Ben & the Bens have released a new video for the first single to be taken from the album, Beast In The House.

The track, this elegiac three and half minutes of immediately lovable indie pop, fille with wiry guitars, pulsating organ and Ben Hall laying down melodies that strike a chord and surrounding his vocal with harmonies on the chorus’. It’s quite something.

Of the video Ben Hall says: “Beast in the House deals with the theme of an ostracised individual in a community through no fault of their own. For the film we decided to explore the idea of a witch hunt but with a slightly warped narrative – an angry medieval mob was amassed from our closest friends. The group are driven mad by mass hysteria and the focus of the narrative is towards the ridiculousness of their journey to single out individuals within their community, for something as trivial as an insect bite (whilst recording the album last summer I was actually suffering the effects of Lyme disease). We juxtapose their story with the serene day to day life of a woman who is unknowingly about to be hunted.”

Check it out, here